Tradition and innovation are our main ingredients.

Tradition and innovation are our main ingredients.

Obrador Sorribas dates back to 1915, when the young Pere Sorribas opened up the first health food shop with dietary and healthy products in Barcelona. Over the years, what started out as a small family establishment expended to several different locations and opened up its own production kitchens.

Today, its values are kept alive more than ever in our cooking method. That's why we have relaunched Obrador Sorribas, to recapture the pioneering spirit of our founder and to promote innovation in the world of healthy eating. This is how we have been able to create flexitarian recipes that fully maintain the nutrients and flavours of the ingredients, while adapting to different individual needs.

We want to continue helping you to eat better.

At Obrador Sorribas we cook for you. In our kitchens, chefs and nutritionists pour their heart, soul and expertise into bringing varied, creative, nutritious and delicious dishes to your table. Because we want to promote healthy eating and show you how to make your diet practical, healthy and delicious.

We welcome you to take part in this conversation.

If we had to say what eat smart means to us, without thinking about it too much, we would say that eat smart is synonymous with healthy eating. But, in actual fact, eat smart is so much more. This video explains what we believe and, who knows, maybe what more people will believe in the future.